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Sinpapeles [sĩm pa.ˈpe.les] (Spanish for "no papers" or "no ID") is a non-custodial project for Handshake domains content management.


App.Sinpapeles is the main Sinpapeles project. It was created to help domain owners to add content or redirect from their Handshake domain to a legacy domain.

Its features include:

  • DANE support: https for Handshake domains.
  • Sia's Skynet to host unlimited static content.
  • DNS management, including MX records.
  • Unlimited subdomains.


Parking.Sinpapeles is an open source[1], free, landing page and domain listing for secondhand selling. It believes that the best place to advertise a domain is the domain itself.

Domain owners can add DNS records direct to Handshake blockchain[2], which is monitored by Sinpapeles and automatically updates the Parking website.

Profile Builder

Profile created by Profile Builder

Sinpapeles Profile Builder is an open source[3][4] web app to generate static profile page. The builder allows the users to add unlimited number of links, including mail and phone number. It's also possible to customise background and foreground colours and font family.

After creating the profile, it's possible to download the source in HTML or JSON format and/or upload to SIA, which gives the user a permanent Sia link, like