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Handshake (HNS) is mined using a combination of the BLAKE2b and SHA3 algorithms.

Handshake blockchain details:

It is not efficient to try and mine with CPU/GPU. Instead, ASICs specifically built to mine with the above algorithm combination are the way to go.

List of known Handshake ASIC miners:

  • Goldshell: HS5, HS3, HS3-SE, HS-BOX, HS1/1-Plus, etc.
  • Various FPGA miners like MultMiner M1, Monad Imperium F2, Hummer Miner H1, etc. may also be able to mine efficiently

Depending on your hash power, it may also be beneficial to mine with a mining pool vs. trying to mine solo.

List of Handshake mining pools:

A wallet address will be needed to store mining rewards. This can be a deposit address generated from an entity such as Namebase, or it can be generated locally using Bob Wallet or various other wallets that support Handshake.

Custodial wallet services:

Non-custodial wallets: