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Where can I buy?

You can buy Handshake coins on Namebase with Bitcoin, or USD if you verify your identity. Other exchanges can be found here. As of 4 May, 2021 that list includes:




How do I stake?

Handshake is not an ERC20 token on Ethereum and is not generally considered a "DeFi" asset.

You can earn money by selling subdomains within your TLDs by visiting and entering your name. There is a one-time 100 HNS staking fee, though, on top of the other per-sale fees. This is not a decentralized service, it is a custodial service provided by Namebase. Any second-level domains purchased from a staked TLD are not ERC20 or any other kind of token.

You also have the choice of staking your names in a decentralized manner, with the possibility of doing so in a completely trustless manner. Check out Badass Domains for more info on that.

What wallet is there?

Currently there are two fully featured wallets, Bob Wallet ( and Namebase. Bob Wallet is non-custodial software which can be used trustlessly, whereas Namebase is a custodial online wallet. You can not buy coins from Bob Wallet.

What's with the @hns twitter?

The @HNS Twitter handle is a community-run account and periodically tweets/RTs relevant news, resources, and mentions of Handshake.

Is there a roadmap?

No. There is no central HNS foundation, no marketing budget and no central development effort. Handshake is being built by a diverse group of contributors with their own personal road maps and funding.

When Coinbase/Binance/Any other major exchange?

Since there's no central HNS foundation nor central development team, the communication with those exchanges lies on the individual members of the community. You, as a Handshake Director, can also help contacting those exchanges and promoting HNS. For technical questions on this topic, check the Dev Chat on Telegram.

Who should I talk to about listing fees or promotional services?

See above, there is no central foundation or marketing budget. There are a few decentralized fundraising efforts but they are focused on development and community building:

HNS Fund:

Handshake Institute:

dWeb Foundation:

Can I use my current browser to visit Handshake websites?

Yes you can. What you need to visit Handshake domains is a Handshake resolver. There is a list of public HNS resolvers here:

You can also run your own resolver on a Raspberry Pi on your local network:

Note that while a resolver is the only component needed to browse HNS domains, security is a separate issue. At this time since no major browsers support DANE verification, an additional tool is necessary like: